Digital Marketing Insights

Digital Marketing Insights & Analytics

We can all agree that marketing your business is the best way to get your message and brand “out there”, but how do you know if you online marketing is working…? Using the marketing insights from your website we can help design and tailor your marketing to ensure sucess.

By analysing the activity of people viewing your website and social media we are able to help you carefully position your website for optimum traffic. Using the information from your website can tell us many things about your potential customers including:

  • Who is looking at your website
  • Their online behaviour
  • Whether they viewed your webpage from a mobile device or desktop
  • How they got to your website
  • What time of day your website gets the most views
  • What the potential customer was searching for initially
  • The geographical locality of potential customers

So how do we use all this information to best market your business? 


As you can see using your businesses digital marketing data can help significantly increase the ‘view to purchase’ ratio of visitors to your website.We help you use your own data to better target new customers!

Using your digital marketing data is an ongoing process, we recommend is always used as the corner stone of any website or media marketing campaign.