Social Media Management & Blog Writing Services

Are you befuddled by Facebook..? Not sure what a Tweet is..? Need to get your message over in 140 characters but no idea how..? Feel like you should be “Link’d In” but not the foggiest idea what that means..? Feel you should get your message out on other platforms but not entirely sure how you do it..?! No idea what “trending” or “hashtag” means..? Know people have ‘blogs’ but no idea how to start one or what to say..?

wDevelopment can get your message out to the twittresphere (don’t worry we can explain what that is!), provide a stream of new and interesting content your Facebook, Blog, Link’d In, Instagram and Google+. We can make your internet presence work for you in an affordable and easily managed way. We have packages that start from as little as 4 hours per month, covering all your media accounts and ensuring consistent traffic to your website and Social Media pages.

All wDevelopments Blog writing and  Social Media packages are offered with no upfront fees and a short term 6 month introductory offer, ensuring you get the right voice for your online presence.