Blog Writing and Publishing

Blog Writing and Publishing

One of the most effective ways of keeping your website relevant is by regularly publishing a blog – it’s a great way to convey what is currently going on within your business without needing to change the framework of your website each time you need to talk about something new! We recommend that you publish a blog at least every month, ideally every week or two. Having a blog will ensure that your businesses message is conveyed in your tone and can provide information to new and existing customers on anything from; celebrating achievements and sharing current projects, to discussing current affairs and industry advances and how that will impact your business and clients. 

By publishing a regular blog you ensure that your web page has more of that all-important SEO content, providing information for new and existing clients and searchable content related directly to your industry.

wDevelopment has a proven track record in optimising blog content to maximise the amount of ‘hits’ on your website. wDevelopment’s  ‘From Scratch’ service couples your industry knowledge and our research and writing skills. With experienced and skilled copy writers creating regular blogs you will be able to keep your website and clients up to date with what is going on in your business. We offer monthly and weekly blog packages with no upfront fees and a short 6 month contract.

We also offer an ‘Edit and Publish’ service for those who have a little more time and would like to write their own blogs, we can edit your provided content (ensuring it has keywords and phrases to maximise traffic to your website) and publish it for you.

Prices for our Edit and Publish service start at as little as £45 + VAT per month