SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Website Optimisation

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation – to give it it’s full name – is the best method of increasing natural web traffic to your website..

Search Engine Optimisation focuses on how  your website appears to search engines based on it’s content and website position. SEO falls in to two categories, and it is important that your website has both to maximise the search results for your website.

On Site Optimisation

‘On site’ optimisation is the process of designing, building and mapping your website  to maximise results.  wDevelopment do in depth ‘keyword’ research and planning, we write all website content to target these specific key words and phrases. This process ensures the best results when potential customers search for your type of business, service or product online.

Off Site Optimisation

‘Off site’ optimisation focuses on the way that your website is located on the internet. wDevelopment create all our websites with wide-recaching external links on UK servers.  We publish our websites online with targeted search engine directory submission, this ensures customers see your website faster and higher up the search engine rankings .

90% of clicks on google are from the first page, by ensuring your website is correctly optimised and mapped you increase your web prominence – without paying for additional advertising!

wDevelpments’ website management packages offer an affordable way to maximise your natural website traffic, with targeted mapping and content we can ensure your website performs better than ever before.